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Sustainability & Community Outreach


Our Mission

Reckson is committed to environmental initiatives that deliver value for our tenants and community members by implementing best practices and continuously finding ways of minimizing our carbon footprint.

Our Approach

Emissions Reduction

We work with tenants, vendors and employees to realize our goals by setting targets, providing resources, building awareness, supplying tools, creating effective tracking strategies, and monitoring our progress and achievements.


LEED Strategy

Reckson has a long history of pursuing green building designations, with LEED at the core of its strategy. Dating back to 2009, Reckson was among the first owners to adopt LEED for Existing Buildings (EB) in New York.


LEED EB Gold Building NY (2011) – 360 Hamilton – was one of only 10 buildings in NY to publicly receive a gold designation.


LEED EB Gold Building in CT (2013) – 500 W Putnam – was one of only 2 properties in CT to publicly receive this gold level designation.


LEED Gold Tenant at 360 Hamilton - Heineken



Energy Star

Reckson’s energy management program serves as a measurement and verification tool that enhances the quality and resiliency of the commercial portfolio. Energy Star scores serve as the catalyst Reckson uses to motivate its building operators, property managers, and tenants to pursue capital efficiency projects and implement change. Historically, Reckson has achieved 9 ENERGY STAR labels across 1.75 million square feet.


Efficient Use of Natural Resources

We continue to introduce a broad platform of market-leading initiatives to address energy usage and natural resource consumption that deliver value for our business, tenants, and community. In recognition of its operational excellence, Reckson has been awarded the BOMA Westchester first “Best Green Initiative” award in 2008 as well as the Westchester Green Business Challenge – CW Brown Sustainability Award.  Reckson was one of Westchester County’s first companies to obtain Green Business Certification.

Science Based Targets

Energy Curtailment Program

Reckson utilizes Integrated Energy Services’ curtailment program and real-time energy management platform which equips Reckson’s engineering staff to respond to needs as they arise and communicate with the grid, our tenants, and Con Edison.



HydroMX – Nano-Thermo Technology

A revolutionary heat transfer nanofluid injected into closed loop heating and cooling systems that increases the speed of heat transfer and diminishes run-times associated with the equipment. This technology has enabled Reckson to realize a decrease in electric consumption by 25% and fuel consumption by 42% of their boilers and chillers.



Reckson continues to develop a strong platform of sustainable initiatives to address today’s environmental concerns, expanding across a variety of disciplines that work toward environmental efficiencies in our buildings and communities.


Mechanical and Lighting Retrofits

Reckson has invested over $6.4M across our portfolio for mechanical retrofits and high efficiency LED lighting to reduce our carbon footprint.


Solar Roof

Reckson installed a solar photovoltaic system at 500 W Putnam that supplied up to 50% of building energy requirements during peak solar gains.



Conservation is a key priority for Reckson building operations. Low-flow fixtures for toilets, urinals, and faucets in bathrooms across the portfolio have been installed to optimize water-saving efforts.


Occupancy Sensors

Prior to becoming code, Reckson proactively installed sensors to provide foot-traffic analytics that allowed building engineers to adjust space conditions to maximize efficiency and tenant comfort.


Service Contract Initiatives

Janitorial – Reckson uses a LEED certified green cleaning program throughout its portfolio which includes the use of environmentally friendly products, implementation of sustainable purchasing for cleaning materials and products, disposable janitorial paper products and trash bags, and single stream recycling.


Pest Management –IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is practiced enabling an environmentally sensitive approach to manage pests with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.


Recycling Construction Material

Reckson’s construction team has successfully diverted over 381,077sf or 130 tons of debris from landfills and implements the use of LEED recommended materials such as low VOC paint and carpet, adhesives, and post-consumer ceiling tiles and grids.


Lamp Recycling

In 2009, Reckson established a portfolio-wide fluorescent lamp recycling program.



Reckson focuses on operational efficiencies and educational strategies to drive behavior change and optimize recycling rates across its portfolio. At 360 Hamilton, Reckson was able to achieve a 50% recycle rate for all office waste.


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Reckson has electric vehicle charging stations at every building in our portfolio.

Environmental Awareness

Reckson is committed to regularly promoting environmental awareness among our tenants, employees, industry, and our local communities.



We partner with tenants to extend our reach and collective impact on the surrounding community. We are active participants within the local communities of our various properties and are focused towards developing sustainable action plans within the counties and local municipalities and educating tenants through events.

Participated within the Westchester County Global Warming Task Force and the White Plains Green Technology Committee for developing sustainable action plans within each county and local municipality.

Board Associations


  • White Plains Bid

  • Westchester Business Council

  • Stamford Library

  • Stamford Downtown Special Services District

Tenant/Community Outreach Events

  • Earth Day events held annually with tenants in our surrounding community parks and beaches to clean up trash and plant trees and shrubs where needed.

  • Xylem Walk for Water

  • Battery Recycling

  • Volunteer New York

  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Stair Climb

  • March Madness

  • Tenant BBQs

  • Summer Solstice Outdoor Concert Sponsor

  • Alive @ Five Sponsor

  • Jazz Fest

  • Stamford Balloon Parade

  • Heights & Lights Sponsor

  • New Year’s Eve Spectacular Sponsor

  • Blood Drives

  • Toys for Tots

  • Dress for Success

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